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About Nelly's Woofers


Can you believe I was petrified of all dogs as a child? I always remember being curious and asking 'Why? Why do they do that?'  Then, one day, Mum & Dad said the dreaded words - "We're getting a dog!" My heart sank. What about the cats?

Thank god for a breeder who knew what she was doing! Stood at the garden gate, I remember grabbing hold of my mum and holding her leg as hard as I possibly could, trying to hide from the MASSIVE 'Cart Horse' Teddy.. He never even bothered with me.. PHEW!!  I was asked to sit in a corner, be as quiet and still as possible and if the dogs wanted to come to me they would, but they wont if I didn't want them to.  How? How did she know?

The door opens, im scared.  8 tiny German Shepherd fur babies (about 7 weeks old) came tumbling in the room.. At that moment, I instantly fell in love.  I wanted to take them all home.  How could something so cute and tiny be so scary.  It was at this point I understood it was going to grow in 'Cart Horse' size, but i didn't care.  I wanted to learn, play and have fun.  I wanted Sasha to be the best dog she could be.  I was ready! 

So here I am!  Nelly.. Lover of all dogs!

I work mainly with reactive dogs (they need to be loved too).  I offer a wide range of professional services throughout Whiteley and surrounding areas.  Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Training & much more. I also provide home checks and other services for Rescue Centres throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

I am a fully qualified Dog Walker and Pet Sitter.  I have my Animal First Aid Qualification and i am currently working towards my Diploma in Animal Welfare, Behaviour, Training and Animal Law.  I am also fully insured personally and professionally. 

When i am not with dogs, i am busy working on markets and other events advertising and promoting wonderful products that i make and sell.  I am an Official Stockist of the Friendly Dog Collars & Dexil who introduced the Traffic Light System to dog community roughly 5 years ago.  Selling Leads, Harness, collars and coats with slogans Friendly, Nervous No Dogs etc to help make people more aware of their dogs needs and characters.

Nelly's Woofers is constantly evolving, learning and introducing more and more products to the website.  Items available to buy include;

Harness, Leads, Collars, Sniffer Squares, Hi Viz Coats (human and dogs), Treats and Toys.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Nelly's Woofers.  If you have any questions, please ask

Nelly x


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