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Is your dog Friendly, Nervous or in training?  Nellys Woofers has a huge range of products to suit your dogs needs and character.  Harness, Leads & Collars available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large.  Also Available: Blind Dog, No Dogs, Caution, Adopt Me, Deaf Dog and many more

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Try Mix n' Matching and tailor to your woofers needs

  • Deaf Dog strap harness with matching lead Dexil - Friendly dog collar

    Deaf Dog Strap Harness

    Deaf Dog Strap Harnesses are ideal for big dogs, strong dogs and woofers that pulls on the lead. Made from British Webbing, this white harness is strong, durable and is fully adjustable.  Fits most Medium to Extra Large breeds.  They...

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  • Deaf Dog Vest Harness.  Available n sizes Extra Small - Large.  For Extra Large, see Strap Harness DEAF DOG embroidered on the front of vest and on the collar

    Deaf Dog Vest Harness

    Deaf Dog Vest Harnesses come in 4 different sizes, Extra Small - Large.  They have 3 embroidered DEAF DOG stitched around the collar and the chest.  They are strong, soft and water resistant making the white harness easy to clean. 2...

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